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Adidas PELLARA 5.0 English Willow Cricket Bat

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Aididas have been one the icons in Sports for decades now and they get sport no doubt. Having moved into cricket over the past decade they're range has been improving through out the years and getting better season by season. Now with there sleek stickers design and quality equipment produce some of the most sought after gear today.


Adidas PELLARA 5.0 English Willow Cricket Bat Specifications

Size Short Handle
Willow Grade 4-5 English Willow
Handle Round 12 piece treble spring cane handle. with a counter balance at the top to help with the balance
Middle Posistion Low middle profile giving more power through the drives.
Profile For the PELLARA the profile is based quiet low on the blade for those drives and foot shots and for death overs batting that coupled with an elongated middle ensure the weight is distributed as evenly as possible so the PELLARA Doesn't feel bottom heavy.
Thickness The edges you will get on these are around 36mm - 41mm with around about a 60mm spine.
Concaving Comes with very minimal con caving to help keep the weight down along with improving the balance and the pick up.
Toe With a square shaped toe with it being slightly slanted for better feel in the stance.
Face Usually comes with around 4+ clean and straight grains


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