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Top 5 Budget Bats

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The Top 5 Budget Bat's in Store 

The Criteria of the top 5 are as the following.

Price Has to be Below

$500 AUD, £250 GBP, R5000 ZAR, $400 USD, $550 NZD, $425 CAD.

1. Performance - The rebound or ping of the middle and size of the sweet sport also straight out of the packet (Not Knocked)

2. Pick Up - How light the pick up feels

3. Looks - Not just the amount of grains but the eveness and straightness of the grains along with minimal blemishes.

And this is looked through the current stock as an overall of the stock availible and NOT an indiviual bat.

The Master 5000 from SS sits 2 slots under their top of the range 9000 but the 5000 is still holds it's own. With lovley nice even grains and a great rebound straight out of the packet. If your on a tight budget the the master 5000 should be given serious consideration.


The SG Maxxum Super has been one of our more popular models coming with nice evenly spaced grains and a decent ping and a solid pick up for its price range this a great bat!


TON Slasher is technicaly classed as a grade 2/3 but they consistently come with a bucketload of grains along with rocket like ping and decent pick up. If your a grain minger on a budget then this is the bat for you.


The Legend Gold from BAS Has been one of the more popular model from BAS over the years as BAS's grading system along with the hallmark BAS pick and ping gives a bat that looks and feels like a grade 1 but costs the fraction of the price. 


The best value for money cricket bat availible at AT Sports. It comes in a grade 2 English willow but CEAT Have been very generous with the grading as this come in a variety if grain structures with some of the stock boasting 11+ grains. Along with CEAT's impressive pressing these bats rocket and with the mid to high middle they also pick up feather light. If your looking for value for money then this is your number 1 bet!


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