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Top 5 Cricket Bats

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The Top 5 Bat's in Store 

The Criteria of the top 5 are as the following.

1. Performance - The rebound or ping of the middle and size of the sweet sport also staright out of the packet (Not Knocked)

2. Pick Up - How light the pick up feels

3. Looks - Not just the amount of grains but the eveness and straightness of the grains along with minimal blemishes.

And this is looked through the current stock as an overall of the stock availible and NOT an indiviual bat.

Updated for the 2018/19 season this new bath of Master 9000's are great value for money. Consistently coming with nice tight and evenly spaced grains along with a mid-low middle and pressed to perfection by SS. If your looking for something that is of player's quality but on a slightly lower budget then the 2018/19 Master 9000's are your best option! 


Made to the same specifications as what Rohit Sharma uses this is the all round bat! With a mid to high middle this is perfect for the players that loves a good cut and pull! Constructed with players grade willow along with a full profile with no con caving and a feather light pick up this bat is sure to make them fly to all parts of the the ground!


With the duckbill profile the Grand Edition picks up rather light for it's weights and being we'll pressed it's response out of the packet is great. There can be some con-caving very minimal to help keep the weight down and the grains can be slightly wobley at time but this doesn't deter from the performance. If your looking for a bat with pure performance and want real value for money then grab Grand Edition today!


TON Reserve pings right from the get go along with the pick up and a full shape with no con-caving this is truly does have the player's look and feel.


The Virat Kohli Replica is as good a bat as you'll get with out nicking one from Virat Kohli's kit bag himself! These being softer pressed to make sure they ping right out of the packet and they do rocket. When picking this up, it feels really comfortable in the hands and with a mid-low middle picks up really well. If your looking for something special then this is very much worth it!


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