BAS Exploder Cricket Bat

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BAS Vampire one of the leading bat makers in the world are best known for their pick up and balance on their cricket bats with most of they're bats picking up a good ounce lighter than the dead weight suggests.

BOW Exploder Specifications

Size Short Handle
Willow Grade 1 English Willow
Handle Round 9 piece treble spring cane handle.
Middle Posistion Mid middle profile perfect for all types of players and all types of conditions.
Profile With a lovely elongated middle that spreads the sweet spot through out and helps with the balance and the pick up. But an extensive bulge in the middle with a subcontinental style bow.
Thickness The edges you will get on these are around 30m - 37mm with around about a 60mm spine.
Concaving Can be between no concaving to very minimal just to keep the weight down
Toe Traditional Round shaped toe.
Face Usually comes with around 6-78grains



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