BDM Dynamic Power Original (SRT Profile) English Willow Cricket Bat

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BDM are the best value for money bats on the market. Time and time again BDM provide consitency in the size of they're bats along with performance with unbelievable weights. BDM gear has been used in the past by many international players, past and present the 2 most prominent being Sachin Tendulkar and the formerly sponsered Virat Kohli.

 Specifications for BDM Dynamic Power Original

Size Short Handle
Willow Grade 1 English Willow
Handle Round Shaped Handle in a medium thickness
Middle Posistion A  Low middle position perfect for the driver and front foot player and for the taller player whom doesn't get as low to the ball/
Profile Made in the same profile as the great Sachin Tendulkar with the bulge of the sweet spot favoring the lower side of the blade which was perfect for his trade mark straight drive along with a slight bow.
Thickness Both the spine and edges thickness push the limits on the new regulations as they come in at around 40mm edges and 62mm spines
Concaving No Concaving on the SRT Edition as BDM's come in full profiles even in remarkably light weights the BDM's come in full profiles.
Toe  Factory fitted toe guard.



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