DSC SPLIT 33 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH

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Bat Size: Short Handle (SH)
Bat Middle Position: Mid - Low Middle
Bat Weight: 2'8 - 2'9
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DSC introduces SPLIIT range for such cricketers which is endorsed by Usman Khawaja (Australia). SPLIIT design combines thick edges with no concaving through its body to get you a mid weight bat that allows you to play hard hitting shots. Full width of bat and mid to low pro




Short Handle - Ideal for players 175cm (5ft 9in) to 188cm (6ft 2in) in Height.




GRADE 2 English Willow. Great quality willow, can come with some specks or wobbles purely aesthetic in the main playing area with minimal to no affect on performance.




Medium Thick SEMI OVAL top quality 4 piece Singapore can handle with 3 rubber inserts for the perfect absorption and transfer of power into the ball along with feeling ultra comfortable in the hands & a slightly exaggerate knob at the top of the handle to help with the counter balance enhancing the pick up of the bat.




Designed to be very powerful and forgiving off centre to compliment the aggressive nature of the user with an elongated middle starting mid/low and going high into the bat coupled with a full profile the Spliit series has one of the rare combinations of a a big hitting zone with a lighter pick up. Perfect for the user looking to dominate the game and take it by scruff of the neck!





Has the modern big edges maintained for a large portion through the profile coupled with the spine height being a mid level allows for a fuller profile equalling a wider power zone, getting more power into the ball even on miss timed strokes.




Between a MID to mid/low profile perfect for the player who's main game is on the front foot but still has shots of the back foot.


No concaving with a full profile gets as much wood behind the ball even on balls that hit closer to the edge. Allowing for more aggressive play as even balls not hit in the centre carry those crucial extra few feet.


Pick Up


Lovely distribution of weight and clever craftsmanship means the pick up feels usually half an ounce lighter then the scale weight



Comes with the modern standard level of bow which gets the bat just a tad early onto the ball. Which creates a better angle for the ball bouncing off the bat onto the grass helping it to race further, optimizing value for your shots.




Not the full 5mm camber but more then the average modern bat. Sitting at roughly 4mm camber (face roundness) in a effort to maximize the peak of the hitting zone and also helping with the durability of the bat with the round nature allowing the energy from the ball to be disbursed more evenly upon impact.



A semi rounded toe providing extra durability and strength against Yorkers of a rounded toe but keeping the effect of a perceived wider bat that you get with squarer toes giving the player more confidence when looking down on his bat.


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