GM Diamond 606 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH - AT Sports
GM Diamond 606 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH - AT Sports
GM Diamond 606 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH - AT Sports
GM Diamond 606 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH - AT Sports
GM Diamond 808 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH - AT Sports
GM Diamond 808 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH - AT Sports
GM Diamond 808 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH - AT Sports
GM Diamond 808 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH - AT Sports

GM Diamond 808 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH

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Bat Size:Adult | Short Handle (SH)
Bat Weight:2'9 - 2'10

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All Round Profile

A great shape designed to cover all round the wicket with a full profile to maximize power into the ball

DXM Technology

Crafted using GM's DXM technology which brings consistency in quality to every single bat GM makes.

Ben Stokes's Choice

Used by & Designed in conjunction with England's captain Ben Stokes.

Ready To Play

GM prep all their bats in factory with knocking & oiling finishing with a high quality face sheet and toe protection meaning these bats are ready to take into the nets straight away.

GM Diamond 808 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH

Gunn & Moore or more fondly known as GM have been making bats since 1885! over 130 years ago! For a company to be in the game for that long shows firstly the quality & care put into their products and also how up to date and relevant they can stay as the game of cricket has gone through turbulent change in that time and throughout GM has remained one of the leading brands in Cricket. 

GM year and again brings Quality, Value & Consistency, with all of their DXM bats made in England using the most advanced bat making methods throughout the market. When you take any GM product home you'll know its backed by 130 years of research and development to bring that consistency in quality. When they say their products are by England's best it's the truth.


ALL GM Bats come with

- Knocked-in by the bat maker in-house at GM's Factory
- Raw linseed oil applied to reduce cracking and splitting by maintaining the moisture level of the blade
- High Quality Clear anti-scuff cover applied to the face and edges to increase blade durability

- DriGuard applied to resist damp and minimise toe swelling
- Specially shaped resilient shield fitted to toe of bat
- Reduces toe damage and feathering that is often caused by tapping at the crease


GM Diamond 808 DXM TTNOW L540 English Willow Cricket Bat - SH Specifications



Short Handle size with L540 Blade Length to help increase the bat speed through the strokes and lighten the pick up.

- Ideal for players 175cm (5ft 9in) to 188cm (6ft 2in) in Height.




Comes in GM's 808 Grade being a superior unbleached seasoned Grade 2 English Willow. 

Can come with some minor blemishes, may have some colour to one edge




Medium to thick SEMI-OVAL Handle tapering to Round at the top.

Constructed in top quality 4 piece Singapore Cane with 3 cork insert handle making for top quality power transfer into the ball and a premium feel in the hands.

Fitted with GM's Hex Grip, specifically engineered to offer the most grip available on the market, ensuring perfect grip at all times. 




The GM Diamond range has been made in conjunction with England’s World Cup winning all- rounder Ben Stokes, and has been given a dynamic new look for 2022.

The bat was designed with Ben in mind and the results have been clear to see. His Man of the Match performance in the 2019 World Cup final was just a warm-up for arguably the greatest Test Match innings ever played at Headingley against Australia in the Ashes just a few weeks later, providing two once-in-a-lifetime innings in one summer.

GM bats are undoubtedly Made by England’s Best, for England’s Best. Featuring a shorter-than-traditional blade length at 540mm and boasting a large sweet spot, the Diamond allows for unparalleled ball-striking confidence. The shorter blade length also provides fantastic balance, creating a perfect pick up and feel.

The mid swell position, traditional full blade profile and flowing contoured spine combine to show off a smooth and well-rounded bat profile, ideal for dynamic stroke-makers.

Ideal profile for aggressive batters wanting to power the ball on frontfoot & backfoot looking to take the game on all around the wicket.





Comes with a big edge and medium spine rounded off into the toe looking to maximise all forms of stroke play.




Mid middle profile a great option for batters that play 360 degrees of the wicket of both backfoot and front foot.


Very Full profile, almost convex/domed in shape. Disbursing the power zone for a bigger sweet spot.


Pick Up


The GM Diamond comes in usually the mid weight range but. Due to the master shaping and mid profile the Diamond picks up lighter then the scale weight.



Gomes in what GM are calling their POWER ARC BOW FACE which is a standard level of bow which gets the bat just a tad early onto the ball. Which creates a better angle for the ball bouncing off the bat onto the grass helping it to race further, optimizing value for your shots.




GM's F4.5 Face Profile meaning it's a 4.5 mm camber (face roundness), quiet round for the modern bat.

Helps to maximize the peak of the hitting zone.

Also helping with the durability of the bat with the round nature allowing the energy from the ball to be disbursed more evenly upon impact.



A semi round toe providing extra durability and strength against Yorkers of a rounded toe but keeping the effect of a perceived wider bat that you get with squarer toes giving the player more confidence when looking down on his bat.


gunn & moore


The Ben Stokes GM Diamond series is designed for cricketers who demand the best. Made with premium English willow, this range of cricket bats offers exceptional balance, power, and control on the field. With its sleek design and top-notch craftsmanship, the Ben Stokes GM Diamond series is the perfect choice for cricketers looking to elevate their game.



One of the oldest and most recognizable brands in cricket. Pioneering tradition and innovation since the 1800s. GM's equipment is for all.



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