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MRF Game Changer Virat Kohli PLAYERS English Willow Cricket Bat - SH

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Vendor: MRF

Bat Size: Short Handle (SH)
Bat Middle Position: Mid - Low Middle
Bat Weight: 2'6 - 2'7
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MRF's association with sports in India, especially cricket, goes all the way back to the 1980s. They took it to the next level in the 1990s when some of the world's best batsmen wielded bats by MRF like Brian Lara, Steve Waugh, Sachin Tendulkar and now into the modern day with the likes of AB de Villiers & Virat Kohli.

MRF Game Changer Virat Kohli PLAYERS English Willow Cricket Bat

The premium King of Bats from MRF taken from the best of the Players lot of English Willow clefts which even the players themselves would be lucky to get. Because of this The Game Changer is a standard considered even above player grade bats and you'll get exactly what Virat Kohli would use as the standard of his best of the best match bats.


Extremely limited in quantity and comes with unique GAME CHANGER Hard Bat Case.




Short Handle - Ideal for players 175cm (5ft 9in) to 188cm (6ft 2in) in Height.




Premium Select limited English Willow to get the very best aesthetics and performance combined there is available. MRF Claim that these have arguable the best looking willow & ultimate quality.




Medium to Thin SEMI OVAL tapering to ROUND at the top Handle. Constructed in top quality 4 piece Singapore Cane with 3 rubber inserts feeling a bit whippy in the hands making for great transfer of power into the ball and great feel in the hands.




Between a mid to mid-low middle profile, with a high spine going high into the bat towards the handle & flattening out after peaking towards the toe coupled with big edges maintaining the thickness from mid/high positions right down to low in the blade. The ultimate profile for an aggressor looking to dominate all around the field for all conditions!





Akin to modern standards it comes with the big edges close to maxing out and a high spine to maximize value for shots when you middle the ball, but even when you don't middle it still having quiet a lot of willow behind the ball to clear the field.




A large overall middle between in a MID to  MID/Low position and a high spine and thick edges carrying right down from low to quiet high up in the blade towards the handle making for a very elongated middle. A massive sweet spot!


Very minimal concaving just to help the pick up whilst keeping the power in the main hitting zone.


Pick Up


Because of the sheer length of the middle and beautifully crafted profile the GAME CHANGER has a lovely pick up, feeling great in the hands and consistently the pick up feels lighter then the scale weight.



Comes with a slightly more exaggerated level of bow. Emphasizing the the aggressive approach this bat helps you take really helping you get better angles of the ball bouncing of the bat to maximize value for shots and also helps batters take the aerial route.




Semi flat face providing a great middle ground of the flat face which allows bigger edges and more precise placement but the adding more durability that a rounder face has as it disburses the energy from the impact of the ball more evenly through the blade.



A semi rounded toe providing extra durability and strength against Yorkers of a rounder toe but keeping the effect of a perceived wider bat that you get with squarer toes giving the player more confidence when looking down on his bat.