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MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli English Willow Cricket Bat

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MRF's association with sports in India, especially cricket, goes all the way back to the 1980s. We took it to the next level in the 1990s when some of the world's best batsmen wielded bats sponsored by MRF and now into the modern day.

MRF GRAND EDITION Virat Kohli Cricket Bat Specifications

Size Short Handle
Willow Grade 1+ English Willow
Handle Round 12 piece treble spring cane handle.
Middle Posistion Mid middle profile perfect for all types of players and all types of conditions.
Profile The top of the Kohli range, the Grand Edition is made in his Player Profile shape. Made to Kohli specifications in profile it has a mid middle with a duckbill shape where the spine flattens out near the toe and putting the remaining weight into the sweet spot making for a very light pick up but extremely powerful stroke when middled.
Thickness The edges you will get on these are around 39mm - 41mm with around about a 62mm spine.
Concaving Comes with very minimal con caving to help keep the weight down along with improving the balance and the pick up.
Toe Square Shaped toe to for a comfortable feel in stance an distribution of weight.
Face Usually comes with around 9+ grains
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