TON Vertu English Willow Cricket Bat

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SS / TON Cricket is one of the worlds largest bat manufacturers and one of the best also. The top bat producers in Asian market after constantly producing high quality cricket bats is also the preferred choice of many international professionals. What you get from from SS is a high quality piece of willow with nice grains and fantastic pressing with a great finish it's what we at AT Sports would say a real professionals company.

TON Vertu Specifications.

Size Short Handle
Willow Grade 1 English Willow
Handle Round 12 piece treble spring cane handle.
Middle Posistion Mid to low middle posistion for more of the front foot player who likes to play more in the "V" but not too low as there still some give for the back foot shots.
Profile The profile is the Jatin Sareen Duckbill profile with the spine flattening as it gets to the toe taking of weight from the bottom and giving the bat a batter pick up as the spine runs all the way up into the handle along with a bowed profile.
Thickness The edges you will get on these are around 36m - 40mm with around about a 60mm spine.
Concaving Little to no concaving making for a more forgiving sweet spot.
Toe Square shaped toe for a more comfortable feel in stance
Face Usually comes with around 8-10 grains

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