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For Cricket Bats

A Cricket bat warranty is a goodwill agreement offered by all bat manufacturers to repair or replace a bat that has suffered damage believed not to be the fault of the Customer. AT Sports supports all genuine Warranties.Warranty decisions are entirely at the discretion of the manufacturer.

There is no certain time a Cricket Bat will last being made from a natural material that has the incredibly hard task of hitting a solid object repeatedly and can even break from ball 1. A small amount of cracking is normal & has no impact on the performance of the bat. Cracking is not a sign of a faulty bat, but an indication your bat requires further knocking in. We recommend always having an extra tech applied to the face of the bat.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • Subject to the following terms & conditions AT Sports will repair or replace your product at the manufactures discretion 
  • All bats sold by AT Sports receive a 12 month Warranty at the discretion of the manufacturer. Replacement bats will have a maximum of 6 months warranty (from the time of replacement) 
  • Handle, Toe, Edges, Shoulder are not covered as they are vulnerable areas and can break due to incorrect shot selection
  • Once a cricket bat is deemed to be used it will not be replaced but is still eligible for a repair under warranty (This includes knocking and oiling)


The Warranty on Bats Purchased through AT Sports Does Not Apply To

  • Manufacturer Labels Have Been Removed
  • Damage to toe, edges & shoulder (Under any Circumstances)
  • Damage through improper use
  • Use of non-leather cricket balls (Including bowling machine balls)
  • Yorker Damage
  • Water/Moisture Damage
  • Heat Damage
  • Damage due to a lack of preparation (knocking-in)
  • Damage Cause by a repairer attempt of a 3rd party
  • Use of Cheap low standard cricket balls
  • Minor wear and tear doesn't constitute a warranty claim and happens to every bat over time

*There are no warranties on the face sheets of cricket bats as they are there as a protective measure and as a thin plastic doing a tough job of not only holding the cricket bat together but also taking the force of the balls and for this reason they can break tear quiet easily and are recommended to be replaced regularly

Does Your Knocking In Service Make it Match Ready?

NO IT DOES NOT, you still have to to take to the nets and against old cricket balls and light throw down and slowly build up from there checking for seam marks and if they are prevelant then to continue until they are no longer visible until moving to the next step.


Things to remember!

• A cricket bat is NOT going to look new forever & cracks will appear on the willow.

• The lifespan of a bat depends on the amount of use & the care taken for your bat (keep out of excessively warm conditions & wet weather) + We recommend that a toe guard/shoe goo should be fitted for extra protection against toe damage.

• AT Sports needs to see the product to arrange the correct course of action following a warranty claim.

Currently there is no standard remedy for a warranty claim and the course of action depends on the circumstances. A course of action may include repair, replacement, refund or having the service performed again. Warranty assessments and decisions are at the discretion of the manufacturer.


For Warranty Claims (All Products)

you have to send us pictures of the issues and we'll contact the manufactures for further advisement

 *Please note once a cricket bat is oiled and knocked it is considered as used and will not be accepted for a swap or refund.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All our items come with a 30 day money back guarantee with full refund if unsatisfied with the product to be returned in an unused state within the first 30 days of purchase. For warranty and returns you have to send it at your cost and we have to receive it before the refund is sent.

 *Please note once a cricket bat is oiled and knocked it is considered as used and will not be accepted for a swap or refund or return.

Specials Orders

Specials Orders or Customized orders that are made to order do not fall under the 30 Day Money Back Gurantee but still come with a warranty.
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