Long Blade / Long Handle Cricket BatsLong Blade / Long Handle Cricket Bats

Long Blade / Long Handle Cricket Bats

Long Blade Cricket bats are made for the taller players that tower over the crease from 6ft 2in or more. The Long Blade cricket bats although can be tougher to find we've made sure to stock a big range so our bigger players don't miss out and they get the best value for their new bat!

English Willow cricket bats are made from the finest willow trees in England and are known for their superior quality and performance. They are lightweight and durable and provide an excellent balance of power and control. The handle of an English Willow cricket bat is made from a special type of cane which is known for its shock absorbency, allowing the player to deliver powerful shots without compromising on control.

When buying a bat from an AT Sports you get a selection of the best with a massive range including DSC, New Balance, Gunn & Moore, Masuri, BAS, SG, SS, Adidas and much more. This will ensure that you receive a genuine high quality English Willow cricket bat at the best value.


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