Along with all of our bats you also have the option of selecting from our rage of bat services to get your bat ready to go!

Please note that even though our services will get the bat ready for use does not mean they are match ready and still require further preparation and our recommendation is that once knocked and oiled then to head to the nets and use the bat initially against old balls against slow bowlers or light throw downs and check for seam marks and when they are not visible move to a slightly harder ball slowly until you can play against new balls and no seam indentations are visible after impact

During the knocking process small hairline cracks can occur along the grains and this is not a need of concern and does not affect the performance of the bat and it is in indication that the bat is almost done with the knocking process. Even during the course of the life of the bat cracks on the face will appear post knocking and that is why we recommend getting a facesheet put on after knocking to hold the face together for longer and increase the overall life of the bat.

Remember that bat is not just a tool as a batsman and rather an extension of you and the more you take care of it the more it will take care of you so stay patient and take the time to get it the preparation right!


Knocking & Oiling

The Bat is Oiled lightly on the edges and back and then 1 layer of oil if put on the face and the bat is left to seep in the oil for 24 hours after which the Bat is Hand Knocked over a period of time with a wooden knocking mallet until the bat has started to open up and the visible indentations are checked for seam marks to see if the bat is fully knocked. After the knocking is completed another light coat of oil is applied to the face only if a facesheet is not requested to be put on..


Fiberedge Facesheet

After the Knocking and Oiling process if requested the Fiberedge Facesheet is applied, the requires adequet time between the intial coat of oil and applying the facesheet, as he facesheet will not stick if the the oil has not dried, this usually takes about 5-6 days from the intial coat.


Extra Grip.

If requested an extra grip is applied to the bat. Cases for this may apply if the user has large hands and is used to using 2 grips or the bat handle it self is thin or just personal preference.

FULL Match Ready Service

The entire bat is painstakingly hand knocked & oiled, optimized for that particular bat for the best performance and durability and PLAYED IN ready to use straight into a game.

Also Included in MATCH READY SERVICE - Toe Protection, Clear Face + Fibre Edges, Spare Grip